When it comes to selling your home, the first step is commit to "letting go" and focus on viewing your home as an asset that is to be strategically valued, prepared, marketed and sold.



You only have one chance for a first impression and that begins at the curb.  Everything you do to enhance the appearance will have a positive effect on a potential buyer.  Make sure landscaping is maintained, paths are cleared and there is a welcoming feeling that draws the buyer into the home.  Interior spaces should be staged to maximize room size and highlight important features such as windows and lighting.  Bedroom spaces should be tranquil and serine.  Pack away the off-season wardrobe in order to maximize and showcase the amount of space available.  If you have precious personal items that will not be included in the sale of your home, pack them away. 


Inspect your rooms for defects that can easily be fixed. If the faucet drips, have it fixed. If the paint needs patching, take action and make the repairs. If the window screens are torn; replace them and have the windows washed prior to listing the property for sale. If a fresh coat of paint will be of help to lighten and brighten the space, do it! Once you've organized and de-cluttered, repaired and freshened, it is time to make sure the house is as clean as possible on a regular basis. Make sure to remove any musty or stale odors in the house.


With attention to detail beforehand, a great impression can be achieved and you should assure a substantial edge over your competitors. Selling a home is a major undertaking. But with my guidance and expertise, the "staging" process involved in pre-marketing becomes easy.